Silent words

And so happened the silence, the breath-taking, heart-breaking silence. Silence kills love. Silence kills mostly everything.

But I waited. I’m still waiting. I wonder why; I wonder, “should I?”

The void, I fill with words. They are my silent screams, smothered against the back of my mind and thrown into the world.

Perhaps that is how I find my way back, amidst the doubt and confussion, through this maze of silence. It’s not ‘perhaps’; that is how I find my way back; I write my way back.

Because the fact is, I feel abandoned. It’s a cold world out there, you know? Especially without you. I hope you know that, for what all this is worth.

Autumn is here. The fields are greener; the skies are darker. Cold is slowly rolling up to these last, few mornings of summer. You and me know it’s the time for teas indoors.

And just like that, we had our chance.

I’ve always said, “my words are always silent.” And I just realised how — These are my silent words… to you.


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